My thoughts on six year old prodigy who won golf championships

When I heard of six-year old kid who won the golf world championship, I was a little skeptical, but curiosity got better of me and I searched his name on YouTube, and my jaw dropped. The boy had perfect swing and made such good shots that even I, 38 year old man, was jealous. And he was competing with kids from 6 to 12 year olds, while being seven himself. Read the interview that his father gave right after winning the championship, and he said claimed that the child had natural talent for golf, but I find it hard to imagine how a child can achieve such mastery without constant training and best possible clubs for his age. Either way, let’s hope he keeps training, because golf will always need new icon like Tiger.

Further into my investigation about this kid, I discovered that he’s been playing golf since he was 4, which is also extraordinary. I never forced my kids to get into golf, and they didn’t express interest either until they were 7 and 9. I guess they won’t be winning golf championships anytime soon, lol. He seems to have learned how to hit clubs properly by observing his grandfather, who was also golfer. Observational skills like that are also rare talent. Obviously, they didn’t have real clubs fit for his size at age four, so he got his start using plastic club,  and everyone must’ve recognized natural talent straight away.

I think the biggest challenge for Jaxson and his parents will be to continue training at the same pace and teach him discipline. So many successful children let success go to their heads and waste their talent as a result. But I honestly believe that won’t be case with this kid. Usually, passion develops with mastery – if you’re great at something, you’ll develop passion for it. And Jaxson seems to fit both criterias here – so there’s no reason to bet against him.

He also seems to be very passionate about other sports, especially football. Liking football is kind of expected of English kid, but he seems to be great football player as well.  According to the article I’ve read, he’s playing for two teams – Southampton and Brystol, his home town.

Except for the kid, I also have huge respect for the dad. Helping his son pursue his childhood passion is probably not the most lucrative thing he can do with his time, but he still takes time and goes out of his way to give him opportunities. So many parents force their children to get into universities and get boring degrees, but not his father Andrew, and that is admirable. Parents also seem to be okay to keep it at hobby level, and not exploit their kid’s talent for their own benefit, like so many parents do. They state that if he chooses to not pursue golf, they’ll be okay with his decision. They really are one hell of a parents of very talented kid.

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